Thursday, July 8, 2021

Mythcon51 Preliminary Schedule

We're excited to announce the preliminary schedule of our upcoming virtual conference. It promises to be a very full and inspiring weekend. If you haven't signed up yet, there is still time to join us! Go to for more information.

Mythcon51 Presentation Schedule (subject to change)


  • Philology and the Lived Imagination: Vico, Collingwood, and Tolkien - Reno Lauro
  • Cities and Strongholds of Middle-earth Part 1 - Cami Agan, et al.
  • Q&A with Mythopoeic Award Winners
  • Her Enchanted Hair’: Rossetti, ‘Lady Lilith,’ and the Victorian Fascination with Hair as Influences on Tolkien - Kathryn Colvin
  • (Un)Fair(ly) Unknown: New and Neglected Arthurian Television Programming - Michael Torregrossa, et al.
  • The Mythopoeic Fantasy and Scholarly Awards Discussions - David Lenander
  • The Keystone or the Cornerstone - Donald Willams
  • Adam’s Task: Naming and Sub-creation in Good Omens - Janet Brennan Croft
  • Transmedia Mythopoeia: Towards an Interactive Mythology - Brian Thomson
  • A Saga Re-Written: The Character of Odin and J.R.R. Tolkien's Addition of Eucatastrophe in "The New Lay of the Volsungs" - Matthew Gidney
  • Writing Against the Grain: T. Kingfisher's Feminist Mythopoeic Fantasy - Robin Anne Reid
  • Mythopoeic Dungeons & Dragons - Megan Abrahamson
  • Finding and Organizing Tolkien’s Invented Languages - Eileen Moore
  • The Mythic, the Fantastic, and the Alien - El Hudson
  • The Fanastic Short Story - Vicki Ronn
  • Back to Camelot: 21st-century Reinterpretations of the Arthurian Mythos - Jennifer Spirko
  • Mythopoeia in American Gods - Danica Stojanovic
  • Other Than Him: Superman as the Alien That Made Good - Roy Schwartz
  • Spoilers & Sequels; Bifurcated Fandoms in the Age of Adaptation - Joe Young, et al.
  • Habla Amigo y Entra: Tolkien and the language of wonder - Martha Celis Mendoza, et al.
  • Realizing History: Tolkien and the Desire called Marx - Robert Tally


  • The Philosophy and Theology of Fairy-Stories:Fantasy, Escape, Recovery, and Consolation - Giovanni Costabile
  • Cities and Strongholds of Middle-earth Part 2 - Cami Agan, et al.
  • Fairy Tale Retellings for the Modern World - Sarena Ulibarri
  • From Malacandra to Mars: Representations of the Red Planet in C. S. Lewis, Robert Sawyer, and Andy Weir - Bill Thompson
  • ‘Descensus Ad Inferos’: Dante's Mythic Nekyia Journey in The Inferno - Ron Boyer
  • How Mythopoeic Stories Carve Space For Change - Rivera Sun

  • “Long Anguish and Self-Murdering Thought”: Gollum and the Figure of Jealousy in The Faerie Queene - Anne Acker
  • The Speculative Worldbuilding of ADÁL’s Blueprints for a Nation - Matt Goodwin
  • Eärendil’s Errand and “Errantry” - Janet Brennan Croft, David Emerson, David Bratman, Verlyn Flieger
  • Q&A with Unofficial Mythsoc Historian Lee Speth - Lynne Darga
  • The Personhood of Nature in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Legendarium - Sophia Parrila
  • Those Who See the Unseen West - Scott Hodgman
  • My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me - John Rosegrant
  • Faerie Reality in The Spiral Dance by Rodrigo Garcia y Robertson - Robert Treday
  • Lil Nas X’s Montero: A Visual Mythology - Alicia Fox-Lenz, Jessica Dickinson Goodman
  • Sterner Stuff; Sansa Stark and the System of Gothic Fantasy - Joseph Young
  • Spray-painting the Sistine Chapel: Aesthetic Problems in Leaf by Niggle - John Holmes
  • Tolkien, Race and Racism - Robin Reid, Megan Abrahamson, Helen Young, Craig Franson, Will Sherwood

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