Tuesday, May 14, 2019


We have some fairly significant updates to the Mythcon 50 Room & Board page, making an easy way for people who really want or need a room with a private bathroom to have a room with a private bathroom. It is NOT in the same dorm, so you must be willing to walk about a block-and-a-half to Cuicacalli and the Garden cafeteria where Mythcon 50 breakfasts and dinners (except for the banquet) will be served - and you'll pay more. Read the details and check out the maps on the Mythcon 50 Room & Board page.

For those who are staying off campus or are commuting to Mythcon 50, we also now offer a "commuter dinners package" - this includes Friday and Saturday night dinner in the Garden cafeteria as well as the Sunday night banquet. Folks who only want Friday or Saturday dinner will be able to pay by credit card at the check-in desk in the Garden cafeteria, and stand-alone banquet tickets are for sale for anyone who is not staying on campus and hasn't bought the commuter dinners package.

Lunches are not included in the Mythcon 50 Room & Board package.

REMINDER: deadline for buying room & board packages, banquet tickets, commuter dinner packages, and parking permits is JULY 15 - we cannot guarantee that we can provide the services after that date. All of these can be purchased from the Room & Board page.

Mythcon 50 Registration
Progress Report #1 for Mythcon 50

Monday, May 13, 2019

Tolkien At Home - 1992 Special J.R.R. Tolkien Centennial Issue of Mythlore

Time marches on and Mythlore is now up to #134 but, back in 1992, shortly before the Tolkien Centenary Conference (a glorious week-long event held at Keble College in Oxford, England, and sponsored jointly by the Tolkien Society and the Mythopoeic Society), Mythlore released the 1992 Special J.R.R. Tolkien Centennial Issue of Mythlore with this beautiful color cover by BG Callahan.

The 79-page issue can be purchased on our website here as a photocopy or in digital form; individual articles are available for download here, at the Mythopoeic Society's digital archive at SWOSU.

There is also an archive of Mythlore cover art which is wonderful to view online.