Thursday, November 7, 2019

Mythopoeic Society News about our Yahoo Groups

For several years now the Mythopoeic Society has stated on its News page that our official means of disseminating news to the far-flung members of the Mythopoeic Society was through our MythAnn (Mythopoeic Announcements) list via Yahoo Groups. But Yahoo Groups is soon going the way of the dodo.

We have formed a new general discussion group to replace the MythSoc Yahoo Group and will shortly provide instructions for joining or continuing discussions with your fellow Mythies via the new platform, so please don't worry about the discussion group going away - keep your eyes on this space!

We have archived the 147 current messages from the MythAnn announcements list on our website but do not believe it is worth the effort and expense to re-create the announcements list as a separate entity. Instead, we will include "official news" announcements in the general MythSoc discussion group; we will also include those announcements here, on our blog.

So if you don't want to subscribe to the general discussion group but only want to receive our "official news" posts, please subscribe to this blog; there are two options in the left-side panel: an RSS feed via a reader or by email.

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