Thursday, July 11, 2019

Mythcon 50: Significant Update!

One day after publishing Progress Report #2 we learned that SDSU has taken the Cuicacalli dorms offline for summer conferences and Mythcon 50 would be housed entirely in South Campus Plaza, at the Cuicacalli rates.

And then this week we learned that most of the rooms in South Campus Plaza, South Tower --where we will be staying-- are triples. That means one lower bed and two upper bunks (there is a desk and cupboard under one of the upper bunks) - so now we're also asking for people who can handle sleeping in an upper bunk to let us know (see PR#2 for details and email address). To clarify: we are not putting three people into any rooms, so at worst a triple will be used as a double and one of the people will need to sleep in the upper bunk.

We also want to remind people staying on campus that we need a deposit check for $100 made out to the Mythopoeic Society - this will cover the loss of both tap card and room key, should you not turn them in to the front desk at check-out! We will hold your check and return it to you after confirmation from SDSU.

PLEASE remember that our deadline for purchasing Room & Board packages, commuter dinner packages, stand alone banquet tickets (the banquet is included in the Room & Board package and the commuter dinner package) and parking permits sold through our website is JULY 15 - we can't guarantee that we will be able to honor requests or changes after that date.

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